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Synonyms PNH Testing by Flow Cytometry CD55/CD59/GPI - Linked antigen testing.
Description GPI-anchored antigens are lacking from a portion of leukocytes, and usually erythrocytes, in patients with Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH). This assay uses four-color (six-parameter) flow cytometry to measure the expression of 5 of these antigens (i.e., CD14, CD16, CD24, CD55, and CD59) on RBCs, monocytes, and B-lymphocytes.
Specimen Requirements 
Container 1-10mL yellow (ACD A or B), 1-5mL lavender (K2-K3 EDTA), or 1-5mL green (Na Heparin)
Specimen Type Peripheral blood
Preferred Collection Volume 10mL
Minimum Collection Volume 5mL
Collection Instructions EDTA specimens should be processed within 48 hours of collection. ACD specimens should be processed within 72 hours of collection. Na Heparin specimens should be processed within 48 hours of collection. Transport at room temperature (20° C - 25° C).
Specimen Handling Specimens cannot be frozen or placed in any fixative (i.e. formalin).
To process the specimen, the request form must include:
* Collection date and time.
* Pertinent clinical history (with relevant ICD-9 codes, if available).
* Specimen source (fluid type, tissue origin).
* Patient identification (i.e. name, DOB, MR#).
* Physician requesting test.
Rejection Criteria All tubes must be properly drawn. Partial draw may cause cell lysis and loss due to hypertonic osmotic changes. Clotted, underfilled, hemolyzed or frozen sepcimens will be rejected.
Methodology Flow Cytometry
Reference Range
CPT Code(s) 88184, 88185 (x number of markers), 88188
Department Flow Cytometry
Contact Information 214-648-0930 or 214-633-5227
Turn Around TimeSpecimens received before 5 PM Monday-Friday should be resulted by 6 PM the next business day.
Performed Monday - Saturday
Performed by Flow Cytometry
Updated/Reviewed 11/06/2018