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Synonyms Immunodeficiency Evaluation and Monitoring; Quantitative Lymphocyte Analysis - Lymphocyte Subsets; Quantitative Lymphocyte Analysis - T-Cell Subsets; Lymphocyte Subsets; T-cell subsets (helper/supressor ratio); CD4 count for AIDS monitoring.
Description These are a set of quantitative tests used to determine the absolute numbers of various lymphocytes in the blood (e.g., total T cells, CD4 T cells, CD8 T cells, B cells and NK cells). The test can be ordered as a whole (i.e., T/B/NK) or specific subsets can be ordered (i.e., T, B or NK). For example, in HIV disease, only a CD4 count is typically monitored.
Specimen Requirements 
Container Lavender (EDTA) collection tube
Specimen Type Peripheral blood
Preferred Collection Volume 4 mL Lavender (EDTA)
Minimum Collection Volume 2 ml Lavender (EDTA)
Collection Instructions Specimens cannot be frozen or placed in any fixative (i.e. formalin).
Please submit WBC count & Percent (%) Lymphs from CBC report from the same drawn as the sample being tested.
Transport peripheral blood at room temperature (20⁰ - 25⁰ C).
Specimen Handling Specimens cannot be frozen or placed in any fixative (i.e. formalin).
To process the specimen, the request form must include:
* Collection date and time.
* Pertinent clinical history (with relevant ICD-9 codes, if available).
* Specimen source (fluid type, tissue origin).
* Patient identification (i.e. name, DOB, MR#).
* Physician requesting test.
Rejection Criteria Tube less than 1/2 full, specimen clotted, sample severely hemolyzed, frozen. Specimen Stability: K2 - K3 EDTA specimen should be processed within 48 hours of collection.
Methodology Flow Cytometry, Dual Platform
(CD3/CD4/CD8/CD45) and/or (CD3/CD16 CD56/CD45/CD19)
Reference Range Ranges based on a study that evaluated a large number of healthy donors (Shearer, et al, J. Allergy Clin Immunol, 2003, 112(5):972-80). Adult (>18 years) reference ranges were developed in-lab by the clinical Laboratory Services for Flow Cytometry at UT Southwestern Medical Center.
CPT Code(s) CD3 quantification: 86359
CD4 quantification: 86361
T cell subset: 86359, 86361
T cell and B cell subset: 86359, 86360, 86355, 86357
B cell subset: 86355 and 86357
NK cell subset 86357
Department Flow Cytometry
Contact Information 214-648-0930 or 214-633-5227
Turn Around TimeResults available next business day. Same day results are available if the sample is received in the LAB before 12 NOON, Monday- Friday
Performed Monday - Saturday
Performed by Flow Cytometry
Notes Please submit WBC count and Percent (%) Lymphs from CBC report from the SAME draw as the sample being sent for testing.
Updated/Reviewed 11/08/2018