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Epic Test Name Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) In situ Hybridization-Technical Only
Components In situ hybridization for Epstein Barr virus, staining only (permanent chromogen); stained slides returned to submitting laboratory for interpretation. Full diagnostic consultation available upon request.
Synonyms EBER Probe
Specimen Requirements 
Specimen Type Paraffin Block: Formalin fixed tissue only.
Preferred Collection Volume
Minimum Collection Volume
Collection Instructions Blocks must contain sufficient tissue in order to perform testing.
Specimen Handling
Rejection Criteria Specimens submitted in any fixative other than formalin.
Methodology In situ Hybridization
Reference Range
CPT Code(s) 88365-TC
Department Immunohistochemistry
Contact Information
Turn Around Time2 days
Performed Monday - Friday
Performed by Immunohistochemistry
Notes Charles L. White, III, M.D., Director: (214) 648-2148
Laboratory: (214) 648-0484; FAX (214) 648-0495
Updated/Reviewed 6/22/2012