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Epic Test Name C-KIT Mutation for Melanoma
Synonyms C-KIT; KIT; Melanoma C-KIT; Melanoma KIT.
Description Mutation testing on melanoma for C-KIT mutations at codons 557, 559, 560, 576, 642, 816, 820, 822, and codon 583 insertion.
Specimen Requirements 
Specimen Type Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, cultured cells (or FNA fluid); corresponding pathologist report.
Preferred Collection Volume
Minimum Collection Volume
Collection Instructions FFPE unstained slides: 5 unstained slides, each 10micron thick, total > 2.0 microgram of tumor; corresponding H&E stained 5-micron section required; no mercury-based (B-5) fixation; FNA cell blocks should have >20% tumor cells.

Cultured cells, FNA specimens: unrefrigerated, saline, or RPMI specimens must be received within 4 hours of collection; if refrigerated (never freeze) receive within 24 hours of collection; >10,000 tumor cells required; tumor cells must be ≥20% of an FNA specimen as determined and recorded by cytopathologist.
Specimen Handling
Rejection Criteria Mercury-based fixative (B-5) specimens; FFPE cases without corresponding H&E section; FNA or solid tissue received in water; heparinized specimens; frozen FNA or cultured cells.
Methodology Sequenom Mass Spectrometry.
Reference Range No Mutation Detected
CPT Code(s) 81272, (88381 or 88387)
Department Molecular Diagnostics
Contact Information Molecular Diagnostics Lab: (214) 648-0960, Toll Free 877-887-8136.
Turn Around TimeInternal Cases: <14 days from order or biopsy date, whichever is later; External Cases: <7 days from order date or receipt of unstained slides, whichever is later.
Performed Twice a week.
Performed by Molecular Diagnostics
Notes Assay does not definitively test for KIT mutations of GIST or AML.
Updated/Reviewed 12/07/2016