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Epic Test Name Colon Cancer Panel
Synonyms Colon Adenocarcinoma Panel; Colon Cancer Panel, Limited.
Description Combined test for KRAS (codons 12, 13, 61, 146), NRAS (codons 12, 13, 61) and BRAF (codons 600, 601) mutation analysis in colon cancer.
Specimen Requirements 
Specimen Type Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, cultured cells (or FNA fluid); corresponding pathologist report.
Preferred Collection Volume
Minimum Collection Volume
Collection Instructions FFPE unstained slides:10 unstained slides, each 10micron thick, total > 2.5 microgram of tumor; corresponding H&E stained 5-micron section required; no mercury-based (B-5) fixation; FNA cell blocks should have =20% tumor cells.

Cultured cells, FNA specimens: unrefrigerated, saline, or RPMI specimens must be received within 4 hours of collection; if refrigerated (never freeze) receive within 24 hours of collection; >20,000 tumor cells required; tumor cells must be ≥20% of an FNA specimen as determined and recorded by cytopathologist.
Specimen Handling
Rejection Criteria Mercury-based fixative (B-5) specimens; FFPE cases without corresponding H&E section; FNA or solid tissue received in water; heparinized specimens; frozen FNA or cultured cells.
Methodology Sequenom Mass Spectrometry.
Reference Range No Mutation Identified.
CPT Code(s) 81275, 81276, 81311, 81210, (88381 or 88387)
Department Molecular Diagnostics
Contact Information Molecular Diagnostics Lab: (214) 648-0960, Toll Free 877-887-8136.
Turn Around Time5 working days.
Performed Twice a week
Performed by Molecular Diagnostics
Notes For individual KRAS or NRAS or BRAF only testing please see their pages.
Updated/Reviewed 12/07/2016