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Synonyms Cytogenetics, Solid Tumor
Karyotype, Solid Tumor
Description Cytogenetic analysis of cultured cells obtained from tumor or suspected tumor to assess for the presence of neoplastic clones.
Specimen Requirements 
Specimen Type
Preferred Collection Volume
Minimum Collection Volume
Collection Instructions At least 5mm³ of aseptically collected, fresh, non-necrotic tumor or lymph node. Put specimen in 10 ml of sterile tissue culture medium immediately. Do not put In formalin or other fixative. Oncologic diagnosis (suspected or confirmed) must be provide
Specimen Handling Deliver to lab at room temperature within 24 hours. If collected over a weekend, call the laboratory to make arrangements for specimen delivery. May be refrigerated If not transported Immediately. Do not freeze. Protect from heat or cold.
Rejection Criteria Frozen, fixed or grossly contaminated specimens. Specimens sent without tissue culture medium.
Methodology Specimen Is minced and/or enzymatically dlsaggregated, followed by a direct harvest and/or harvest after overnight or longer culture, followed by G-bandlng with trypsin-Wright stain. Twenty metaphase spreads are fully analyzed and two karyotypes are prepared. An additional two karyotypes are prepared for each abnormal clone observed.
Reference Range
CPT Code(s) 88239, 88262, 88291
More than 20 cells counted: add 88285
More than 2 karyotypes: add 88280
Fewer than 15 cells counted: 88239, 88261, 88280, 88285, 88291
No cells available for analysis, or study cancelled after Initiation of culture: 88239
Department Cytogenetics
Contact Information Cytogenetics Lab: {214) 648-0975, Customer Service: (214) 645-7057 or Toll Free (877) 887-8136
Turn Around Time10 days - 3 weeks
Performed Sunday - Saturday
Performed by Cytogenetics
Updated/Reviewed 12/12/2016