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Epic Test Name OVA & PARASITES
Synonyms Parasite ID
Description If parasite infection us suspected as cause of persistent diarrhea (>14 days), specific pathogen testing is recommended.
Indicate suspected parasites.
Specimen Requirements 
Container 10% formalin + modified PVA. Fresh stool accepted but not recommended.
Specimen Type Stool. If specimen other than stool, contact lab prior to placing order.
Preferred Collection Volume 10 mL
Minimum Collection Volume 5 mL
Collection Instructions If unpreserved, transport immediately to Microbiology. Fill both vials of collection container as described in the package instruction. Mix sample thoroughly. Collect one sample daily for 3-6 days. Specimens analyzed to determine the efficacy of treatment should be collected 3-4 weeks after completion of therapy. Antibiotics may affect results of exam.
Specimen Handling Stability (collection to initiation of testing): Preserved stool: Ambient: 9 months; refrigerated: 9 months; Unpreserved ASAP; frozen: unacceptable. Transport stool preserved in 10% formalin + modified PVA at 20-25°C.
Rejection Criteria Dry specimens, leaking containers, specimens contaminated with oil, barium or urine, multiple specimens (more than one in 24 hours), unpreserved specimens, rectal swabs. Samples collected 5 days after admission.
Methodology Qualitative Concentration/Trichrome Stain/Microscopy
Reference Range Negative
CPT Code(s) 87177 Ova & parasite; 87209 Trichrome stain
Department Microbiology
Contact Information Ph: 214-633-4940
Turn Around Time3 days
Performed Performed Monday through Friday
Performed by Microbiology
Notes Due to the various shedding cycles of many parasites, three separate stool specimens collected over a 10-day period are recommended for ova and parasite examination. A single negative result does not rule out the possibility of a parasitic infection. An individual order must be submitted for each specimen.
Updated/Reviewed 02/22/2018