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Synonyms Culture, Blood
Description Detect presence of bacteria in blood.
Specimen Requirements 
Container Blood culture vial set (1 aerobic, 1 anaerobic)
Specimen Type Blood
Preferred Collection Volume Blood Adult: 10 mL/vial; blood culture vial set (1 aerobic, 1 anaerobic); blood pediatric: 6-8 mL; blood culture vial 1 aerobic; blood neonate: maximum 1% of patient's total blood volume per sample. Low volume will result in decreased recovery of pathogen
Minimum Collection Volume Adult: 1 mL blood/vial; aerobic. 1 mL blood/vial anaerobic; Pediatric 0.1 mL
Collection Instructions Blood in a Trek aerobic bottle and anaerobic bottle using aseptic techniques, as defined for blood culture collection.
Specimen Handling Collection site, time and person collecting initials are required.
Rejection Criteria More than four blood culture sets per 24 hrs. Stability (collection to initiation of testing): Ambient: 24 hrs; refrigerated: unacceptable; frozen: unacceptable.
Methodology Continuous monitoring blood culture/Identification
Reference Range No growth.
CPT Code(s) 87077
Department Microbiology
Contact Information Ph: 214-633-4940
Turn Around TimePreliminary: at 18 hrs updated daily; Final: at 5 days.
Performed Daily
Performed by Microbiology
Notes Identification and susceptibility tests are performed on positive cultures when appropriate. Indicate if patient is suspected of having an unusual organism.
Updated/Reviewed 02/22/2018