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Synonyms Culture, Legionella, Legionaire's Disease
Description Gold standard test detects Legionella spp. in clinical specimens.
Specimen Requirements 
Container Sterile plastic container
Specimen Type Respiratory tract secretions, aspirates, tissues, fluids, sputum, pericardial fluid. Source of specimen is required.
Preferred Collection Volume 5 mL
Minimum Collection Volume 0.5 mL
Collection Instructions BAL, bronchial washing or sputum: sterile saline inhibits recovery of Legionella, use sterile water for irrigation.
Bronchial biopsy, lung aspirate: do not add diluent to specimen. Deliver to Microbiology promptly.
Specimen Handling Send specimens immediately to Microbiology at 2-8C. Place each specimen in a separate, individually sealed bag. Stability (collection to initiation of testing): Ambient: 2 hrs; Refrigerated: 48 hrs; Frozen: 1 week.
Rejection Criteria Urine, stool, wounds, or other culture material from non-respiratory sites. Dry specimens, nonsterile or leaking containers or specimens submitted in saline, formalin, or viral transport medium.
Methodology Culture/Identification
Reference Range Negative
CPT Code(s) 87081 presumptive identification. If definitive identification required, add 87077.
Department Microbiology
Contact Information Ph: 214-633-4940
Turn Around TimePositives are reported as soon as detected. Preliminary: 24 hours. Final: Negative at 7 days.
Performed Sunday - Saturday
Performed by Microbiology
Notes Legionaire's disease cannot be diagnosed with a single laboratory test. It is recommended to order Legionella Urine Antigen test in conjunction with culture.
Updated/Reviewed 12/14/2016