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Description Homocysteine(HCY) is a naturally occurring amino acid that is formed From methionine as a product of numerous s-adenosyl methionine-dependent transmethylation reactions. The metabolism of HCY is regulated by three enzymatic pathways that either convert HCY into cysteine or remethylate it back Into methionine. If one or more of the HCY metabolic pathways are inhibited due to enzymatic defects or vitamin deficiencies, HCY accumulates, causing an increased HCY level in plasma. Recently, several clinical and epidemiological studies have indicated that even a moderately elevated plasma HCY level is a predictor for cardiovascular disease.
Specimen Requirements 
Container PST (lithium heparin), Red top, & Lavender (EDTA) collection tubes
Specimen Type LiHep, Serum, K2-EDTA, & K3-EDTA
Preferred Collection Volume 3 mL
Minimum Collection Volume 2 mL
Collection Instructions Place the specimen immediately on wet ice
Specimen Handling Fasting specimen preferred. Plasma should be separated from the cells within 1 hour of collection. Homocysteine levels will increased if separation from cells is delayed
Rejection Criteria Specimen clotted, hemolyzed, contaminated with heparin, lipemia (>250 mg/dl).
Methodology Enzymatic
Reference Range Cut-off level of <=15 mcmol/L (for fasting specimen)
CPT Code(s) 83090
Department Chemistry
Contact Information Lab (main): 214-633-5227
Turn Around Time1 DAY
Performed Monday - Friday
Performed by Chemistry
Notes Must be received in the lab within 1 hr of collection.
Updated/Reviewed 09/25/2017