Veripath Test Directory

Epic Test Name ANA
Components ANA screen, ANA titer, ANA pattern
Synonyms ANA Screen
Specimen Requirements 
Container Serum
Specimen Type Blood
Preferred Collection Volume 3 mL
Minimum Collection Volume 2 mL; Neonates 0.5 mL
Collection Instructions
Specimen Handling Separate and refrigerate serum if testing is delayed more than eight
Rejection Criteria Hemolyzed
Methodology Indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA)
Reference Range Negative
CPT Code(s) 86038(Screen ), 86039 (postive profile)
Department Chemistry/Immunology
Contact Information Customer Service: 214-633-0400, Toll Free 877-887-8136
Turn Around Time48 HOURS
Performed Monday - Friday
Performed by Chemistry/Immunology
Notes Positive specimens will reflex to a titer and pattern
Updated/Reviewed 08/09/2017