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Synonyms Multimeric Analysis
Description von Willebrand Disease(vWD) is a relatively common bleeding disorder that manifests clinically as easy bruising, mucocutaneous bleeding (e .g. epitasis, menorrhagia, etc). vWF is synthesized by the endothelial cell and the megakaryocyte. It circulates in plasma in multimeric forms with molecular weights ranging from 500,000 to as much as 20,000,000. Decreased vWF levels or abnormal multimer ization cause prolongation of the bleeding time.
Specimen Requirements 
Container Light blue (3.2% sodium citrate) collection tube
Specimen Type Plasma
Preferred Collection Volume 3 mL platelet-poor citrated plasma
Minimum Collection Volume 3 mL
Collection Instructions 1. When drawing coagulation tests, always draw a "pilot" tube (7-10 mL plain red top tube, completely filled). This removes tissue fluid contamination, discard pilot tube.
2. Draw blood in a light blue (3.2% sodium citrate) top tube. Fill tubes as far as vacuum will fill and mix gently. Ratio of anticoagulant and blood must be maintained. Avoid slow flowing draws and traumatic venipunctures.
3. Spin vacutainer - remove plasma avoiding platelet/buffy layer- spin plasma again - remove top portion of plasma and place 1 ml of PLATELET-POOR PLASMA in plastic tube. (Glass tube unacceptable)
4. Double-centrifugation is critical for accurate results as platelet contamination may cause erroneous results.
5. Plasma must be frozen within 4 hours of collection.
6. CRITICAL WARNING: Specimen must remain frozen until testing.
Submit separate aliquots when multiple tests are ordered on same patient specimen.
Specimen Handling In-house patients, transport at room temperature.
Outside clients, freeze plasma within 4 hours of collection in 1 ml aliquots. Transport frozen.
Rejection Criteria Plasma hemolyzed, thawed or contaminated with heparin.
Methodology SDS Gel Electrophoresis
Reference Range See interpretive report.
CPT Code(s) 85247
Department Referrals
Contact Information Hemostasis Lab; 214-633-4959 Customer Service: 214-633-0400, Toll Free 1-877-887-8136.
Turn Around Time7-10 days
Performed Monday
Performed by Blood Center of Wisconsin
Updated/Reviewed 02/05/2016