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Epic Test Name Anti-Prothrombin Ab
Components IgG, IgM
Synonyms Antiprothrombin Antibodies
Description Antiphosphollpid antibodies are a heterogenous group of immunoglobulins that bind to several anionic phospholipids, to phospholipids-protein complexes, and to certain proteins (cofactors) in the absence of anionic phospholipids. An ELISA assay is utilized to detect antibodies directed against prothrombin in the patient's serum. These antibodies may be IgG and IgM.
Specimen Requirements 
Container Plain red or serum separator collection tube
Specimen Type Blood
Preferred Collection Volume 5 mL
Minimum Collection Volume Adult: 2 mL, Neonates : 2 mL
Collection Instructions Draw blood in a plain red or serum separator collection tube. Specimen Handling:
In-house patients, transport at room temperature.
Specimen Handling Outside clients, follow collection instructions and the steps below:
1. Spin plain red or serum separator tube. Separate serum from cells as soon as possible.
Place serum in plastic tube. (Glass tube unacceptable).
2. Transport frozen.
Rejection Criteria Hemolysis, clotted, short sample, >4 hrs old (if not refrigerated) or >72 hours (if not frozen).
Methodology ELISA
Reference Range IgG ≤ 7 GPS; IgM ≤ 15 MPS
CPT Code(s) 86147 x 2
Department Hemostasis/Coagulation
Contact Information Hemostasis Lab; 214-633-4959 Customer Service: 214-633-0400, Toll Free 1-877-887-8136.
Turn Around Time1-7 days
Performed Wednesday
Performed by Hemostasis Lab
Updated/Reviewed 07/23/2016