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Specimen Requirements 
Container 24 Hour urine collection container
Specimen Type Urine
Preferred Collection Volume Entire 24 hour collection.
Minimum Collection Volume 300 mL
Collection Instructions Out-patient areas must collect and receive a Green (PST) with every 24 hours urine. Receiving urine specimen: Ensure that there is a start time, a stop time, and collection dates on the urine jug.
The urine container must be returned immediately at the end of collection period.
For comprehensive collection instructions, please click the link below-under link tab.
Specimen Handling The total volume of the collection will be determined by a medical technologist. Once the total volume is determined, 2 aliquot samples will be made. Aliquot 50 mL into a conical tube and 5 mL into an aliquot tube. Both aliquots must be labeled with the appropriate barcode label, the total volume of the original specimen, and the duration of the collection (24 hours). The aliquot tube is distributed to chemistry for testing, and the
conical tube is placed into the urine storage bin.
Rejection Criteria
Methodology Enzymatic colormetric
Reference Range
CPT Code(s)
Department Chemistry
Contact Information Lab (main): 214-633-5227
Turn Around TimeRoutine less than four hours.
Performed Sunday- Saturday
Performed by Chemistry
Notes Ensure that there is a start and stop time and date on the urine jug. Obtain the total volume and write it on the "pour over" labels.
Updated/Reviewed 09/25/2017