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Epic Test Name EBV Quantitative PCR Bone Marrow
Components Bone Marrow
Synonyms EBV Bone Marrow Viral Load
Description Real-Time PCR quantitation of Epstein Barr virus in bone marrow
Specimen Requirements 
Container Bone Marrow Aspirate in EDTA tube
Specimen Type Bone marrow
Preferred Collection Volume 1.0 mL bone marrow
Minimum Collection Volume 0.5 mL bone marrow
Collection Instructions Bone Marrow Aspiration
Specimen Handling Unrefrigerated bone marrow should be received < 12 hours after collection.
Refrigerated (2 to 8°C) bone marrow must be received <4 days after collection. Do not freeze specimens. Transport refrigerated
Rejection Criteria Heparin tube; clotted marrow or blood; CSF volume <100 uL; FFPE specimens; bone cores.
Methodology Real-time PCR
Reference Range 300 to 1,000,000 IU/mL
CPT Code(s) 87799
Department Molecular Diagnostics
Contact Information Ph: 214-648-0960
Turn Around Time1-3 working days
Performed Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Performed by Molecular Diagnostics Lab
Notes Blood will no longer be orderable for EBV testing; only plasma (not serum) can be ordered.
Updated/Reviewed 4/25/17