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Epic Test Name BKV, Quantitative PCR
Synonyms BK Virus
Description BKV test for quantitative detection of BK virus in plasma and urine.
Specimen Requirements 
Container Plasma: EDTA , Urine: Cup
Specimen Type Plasma, Urine
Preferred Collection Volume Plasma: 1mL, Urine 5 mL
Minimum Collection Volume Plasma: 0.6mL, Urine 0.6mL
Collection Instructions Urine: Clean catch or collection from urine bag
Plasma: EDTA
Specimen Handling Transport refrigerated plasma and urine. Do not freeze urine or blood.
Rejection Criteria Specimens in medium containing heparin. Specimens kept at room temperature > 8 hours or refrigerated > 1 week. Frozen urine and blood specimens
Methodology Real-time PCR
Reference Range No BKV detected
CPT Code(s) 87799
Department Molecular Diagnostics
Contact Information Lab (214) 648-0960
Turn Around Time1-3 days
Performed Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.
Performed by Molecular Diagnostics.
Updated/Reviewed 12/07/2016