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Epic Test Name PFA 100
Synonyms Platelet Function Assay
Description The PFA 100 is an instrument and test cartridge system in which the process of platelet adhesion and aggregation following a vascular injury is simulated in vitro. This system allows for rapid evaluation of platelet function on small samples of anticoagulated whole blood. PFA - 100 is a screening test that replaces bleeding time.
Specimen Requirements 
Container 3ml Light blue (3.2% sodium citrate) x2 and 4ml lavendar (EDTA) tube
Specimen Type Blood
Preferred Collection Volume 6 mL
Minimum Collection Volume 3 mL for blue top and 2mL for EDTA.
Collection Instructions When drawing specimens for coagulation testing, always draw a "pilot" tube (7-10ml plain red top tube), completely filled. This removes tissue fluid contamination. Samples should be obtained from peripheral vein wheneever possible. If drawn from indwelling catheter, the line should be flushed with 15mL of saline. After irrigation, a "pilot" tube should be drawn and discarded.
Specimen Handling Specimen should be hand delivered. Transport at room temperature. Do not shake or centrifuge specimen.
Rejection Criteria Hemolysis, contamination with heparin, thawed, > 4 hrs old.
Methodology Aggregation
Reference Range See interpretive report.
CPT Code(s) 85576 X 2
Department Hemostasis/Coagulation
Contact Information Hemostasis Lab; 214-633-4959 Customer Service: 214-633-0400, Toll Free 1-877-887-8136
Turn Around Time1 day
Performed Sunday - Saturday
Performed by Hemostasis Lab
Updated/Reviewed 07/25/2016