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Epic Test Name WET PREP
Synonyms Vaginal, Trichomonas
Description Ideally, examination should begin within 15 to 20 minutes and no more than 60 minutes after collection.
Specimen Requirements 
Container Falcon tube containing 0.5 - 1.0 mL of 0.9% normal saline.
Specimen Type Vaginal
Preferred Collection Volume 1 swab
Minimum Collection Volume 1 swab
Collection Instructions Send immediately to Microbiology. There is no patient preparation needed. The patient should be warned not to douche for 24 hours before the test.
Specimen Handling Transport at 20-25C immediately to Microbiology.
Rejection Criteria Dry swab.Over 60 minutes from collection.
Methodology Qualitative microscopy
Reference Range
CPT Code(s) 87210
Department Microbiology
Contact Information Ph: 214-633-4940
Turn Around Time1 hr
Performed Daily
Performed by Microbiology
Updated/Reviewed 02/22/2018