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Epic Test Name NK CELL TOTAL COUNT (CD16+CD56)
Specimen Requirements 
Container Lavender (EDTA) collection tube
Specimen Type Blood
Preferred Collection Volume 4 mL Lavender (EDTA)
Minimum Collection Volume 2 ml Lavender (EDTA)
Collection Instructions
Specimen Handling Store and transport at room temperature. DO NOT FREEZE
Rejection Criteria Tube less than 1/2 full, specimen clotted, sample severely hemolyzed, frozen. Specimen Stability: K2 - K3 EDTA specimen should be processed within 48 hours of collection
Methodology Flow Cytometry
Reference Range
CPT Code(s) 86357
Department Flow Cytometry
Contact Information 214-648-0930 or 214-633-5227
Turn Around Time24 hrs
Performed Monday - Saturday. Same day results are available if sample is received in the lab by 12:00 p.m. Monday-Friday
Performed by Flow Cytometry
Notes Please submit WBC count and Percent (%) Lymphs from CBC report from the SAME draw as the sample being sent for testing.
Updated/Reviewed 11/08/2018